Ingredients you can pronounce, effects you can understand – no secrets.

Avocado Oil

Improves absorption speed
Improves shelf-life
Feels smooth
Tastes great

Find it in: all Fairwinds tinctures (except for Companion, our pet support tincture)

Coconut Oil

Promotes skin and coat health
Promotes heart health
Digests easily

Find it in: Companion pet support tinctures


Reduces inflammation
Stimulates appetite
Reduces nausea
Aids digestion

Find it in: Digestify tincture


Reduces inflammation
Promotes relaxation
Fights depression

Find it in: Deep Sleep tincture, Release tincture, FLOW topical


Reduces inflammation
Fights anxiety

Find it in: FLOW topical, Deep Sleep tincture, Release tincture, Digestify tincture

White Willow Bark

Reduces inflammation
Reduces pain

Find it in: FLOW topical

Magnolia Bark

Aids digestion
Fights anxiety

Find it in: Release tincture, Deep Sleep tincture

*This is not a complete list of ingredients for Fairwinds products. You can find full ingredient lists for each specific item on its individual page!