Companion – Full Spectrum Oil

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Your pet deserves the best! Looking to provide CBD support for your furry friend? The Fairwinds CBD Companion Tincture was designed to do this and more. In a base of MCT oil, all-natural clarified butter, and vitamin E, the Companion tincture is a great way to deliver CBD.

Our full-spectrum hemp CBD oil provides a serving of CBD alongside healthy fats and other minor cannabinoids to provide a wide range of benefits/effects. 100% safe for human consumption as well.

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Ingredients & more information below!


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  • Heart-healthy coconut oil base and Omegas support a shiny, healthy coat
  • Formulated with delicious, all-natural roasted chicken extract
  • Free of any pesticides, molds, mycotoxins, and metals
  • Promotes comfort, reduced stress, and a healthy endocannabinoid system
  • No artificial ingredients or preservatives


  • Product Weight: 0.54 fl oz (16ml)
  • Dimensions: W 2.25″ x H 4.25″ x D 1.5″


  • Key Ingredients
    • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil w/ Terpenes
  • Other Ingredients
    • Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Clarified Butter (Milk), Natural Roasted Chicken Extract

Potency & Serving Info

  • Serving Info
    • Add to food or place directly in the mouth, preferably under the tongue
    • Use 1-2x daily as needed
    • Specific dosing will vary based on weight, age, and desired outcome. For best results, start with the General Dosing guidelines below and adjust as needed.
  • Potency Info
  • COMPANION 320mg
    • Per Package: 320mg CBD, less than 0.3% THC
    • Per 0.5ml Serving: 10mg CBD
    • Per Single Drop: 0.5mg CBD
  • COMPANION 640mg
    • Per Package: 640mg CBD, less than 0.3% THC
    • Per Full 0.5ml Serving: 20mg CBD
    • Per Single Drop: 1mg CBD

COMPANION 320 – Intended for pets between 5 – 50 lbs

COMPANION 640 – Intended for pets over 50 lbs

General Dosing

 Companion 320  Companion 640
5lbs 1-2 drops 5lbs 1 drop
10lbs 2-3 drops 10lbs 1-2 drops
15lbs 4 drops 15lbs 2 drops
20lbs 5-6 drops 20lbs 2-3 drops
25lbs 6-7 drops 25lbs 3-4 drops
30lbs 8 drops 30lbs 4 drops
35lbs 9-10 drops 35lbs 4-5 drops
40lbs 11 drops 40lbs 5-6 drops
45lbs 12-13 drops 45lbs 6 drops
50lbs 13-14 drops 50lbs 6-7 drops
55lbs 15 drops 55lbs 7-8 drops
60lbs 16-17 drops 60lbs 8 drops
65lbs 17-18 drops 65lbs 9 drops
70lbs 19 drops 70lbs 9-10 drops
75lbs 20-21 drops 75lbs 10 drops
80lbs 21-22 drops 80lbs 11 drops
85lbs 23 drops 85lbs 11-12 drops
90lbs 24-25 drops 90lbs 12-13 drops
95lbs 25-26 drops 95lbs 13 drops
100lbs 27 drops 100lbs 13-14 drops