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Broad-spectrum pet support tincture

Looking to de-stress, provide comfort and agility, or return your furry friend to their youthful vigor?

  • Made with heart-healthy coconut oil
  • No artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • Helps reduce stress & remain calm

Your pet deserves the best! The Fairwinds Pet Support Companion Tincture was designed to do all this and more. The effects that have been observed with four-legged family members can often be life-changing.

pet support tincutre fairwind plant


fairwinds review stars companion pet support tincture

“I have an anxious shelter cat. I adore him, but he’s skittish and extremely vocal when he’s nervous (which is most of the time). I’ve incorporated a few drops of this into his breakfast a few times a week and he seems so much more comfortable.”- Toni C, Wallingford, CT

fairwinds review stars companion pet support tincture

“My elderly cat has cancer, and this tincture has helped her keep her appetite and made her much more comfortable during her final months with us. We are so thankful for this product!”- Renee K, Lexington, South Carolina