Inhaler Device FAQs

Hemp CBD inhalers

Our hemp inhalers are a novel new way to consume CBD (and other cannabinoids like CBG) with the utmost discretion. If you’re considering purchasing one for the first time, we completely understand that there may be some questions regarding best use practices or why to choose an inhaler in the first place. This quick blog is here to help you figure out how to get the most out of your inhaler purchase!

Why choose an inhaler over a tincture?

While both products certainly confer their own benefits, there are some distinct differences. Our inhalers are faster-acting (with effects felt in as little as 3-5 minutes,) more geared towards on-the-go use, and we designed them to provide the exact same serving size on each use. Plus, when it comes to discretion, nothing beats the convenience of inhalers! There’s no need for a battery, they’re incredibly lightweight, and you can take them anywhere.

Why are inhaler canisters and devices sold separately?

We sell our actuator devices separately to reduce our environmental impact; as each device is reusable for several canisters, we found it wasteful to include a different device with every order. Selling them separately also reduces the overall costs for you!

Do I really need the actuator device?

Unless you already have an inhaler device of your own, you’ll need one in order to be able to properly use the inhaler canister. Once you’ve purchased one, you’ll be able to reuse it for multiple canisters!

If you still find you have some questions, you can check out our Youtube video on how to best use and clean the inhalers. Thanks for reading, and give us a follow on Instagram at @fairwindsCBD for new product updates and more!